Bombs #googlebombs #twitterbombs #hashtag

Finkelstein may as well be Frankenstein considering the monster he unleashed: the inner workings of Google and how people use this knowledge to exploit the system.

Considering users generally want to look at as few results as possible, the commodification of the page rank system shouldn’t come as a surprise (2008: 104).

The practice of “Google bombing” as the “mirror image of search engine optimisation” particularly caught my attention (2008:113). Down this rabbit hole, I discovered a similar concept called “Tweet bombing”. #obama #onedirection #clouds


An example of a particularly successful Twitter bomb analysed in a research paper described how nine fake user accounts produced 929 tweets within 138 minutes – all with a URL link to a political website. The message may have reached 60, 000 before being deleted as spam.

Feature idea: Orchestrating our own google or twitter bomb and observing the wreckage.


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